Lead Scoring

LeadScore provides amazing insights into the leads that you generate through integration with the Polk Lead Scoring System. By leveraging these Polk scores, you can focus in on the truly valuable leads and filter out those leads that are not as likely to generate a sale.

Email Blaster

You determine the strategy and goals of your email campaign and our system will do the rest! Through a tight integration with Polk, the information obtain from your leads is used to generate proprietary email lists based on your stated goals and then your message is sent out to a highly targeted population.

True Integration

LeadScore provides instant integration with major automotive CRM systems right out of the box. LeadScore also provides easy-to-use tools that enable instant integration on your website.< LeadScore even provides the ability to directly integrate to Kiosks in your showroom!

Data How You Want It

LeadScore provides tools that let you extract any leads in Print, PDF or Excel formats LeadScore also provides Web Service access for enhanced flexiblity You can even receive custom reports in your email at intervals you determine. Isn't it time to gain some intelligence on your leads so your marketing effort can be more effective? LeadScore provides a true competitive advantage that will separate you from other dealers.